Zebra Safari

Volg de blog van Charissa, voorzitster van Bindweefsel op Zebra Safari


You are a central part of my life!

You determine my whole being;
You can make me shine,
but also drown me in sorrow!

I'll always will need to compensate
and am bound to the rules you made!

You rule me with an iron hand
and determine what I may and what I can't!

Sometimes you set me free
a short moment just for me!

You always call me back to you
to reclaim your life time judgement
back to your chains which you re-mend!

Still I won't give myself to you at will
to stride you, never settle
and allow you to win our battle!

We will always be each other's enemy
However, hate you I will not do
even if you never set me free!

I will accept that you are part of me
even at times I don't want to see!

While you may try to break me down
I will always try to regain my crown
and rebuild that what's been broken or lost!

We shall face each other often
a truce never to be reached
As we can only dream of peace 

You who bares the name EDS
You who only knows the nature of your quest!

I might never understand and see
the reason you decided to chose me!
but acceptance of you, in my mind, I am free!